The Shops & Commercial Establishments Act, 1961

To regulate conditions of work and employment in shops, commercial establishments, residential hotels, restaurants, eating houses, theatres, other places of public entertainment and other establishments. Provisions include Regulation of Establishments, Employment of Children, Young Persons and Women, Leave and Payment of Wages, Health and Safety etc.

Applicability of The Act

  • It applies to all local areas specified in Schedule-I
  • Establishment means any establishment to which the Act applies and any other such establishment to which the State Government may extend the provisions of the Act by notification
  • Employee means a person wholly or principally employed whether directly or through any agency, whether for wages or other considerations in connection with any establishment
  • Member of the family of an employer means, the husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, brother or sister and is dependent on such employer

We provide following services in compliance to the provisions of state specific Shops & Establishments Acts

  • Providing day to day consultancy on matters pertaining to the Act
  • Registration of Shops and Establishments under the Act
  • Obtaining Duplicate Registration Certificate in case of loss or mutilation of original Registration Certificate
  • Intimating changes in details of Shops and Establishments / Occupier to the concerned authorities under the Act
  • Assistance to establishments in complying various provisions of the Act related to Working Hours, Rest Hours, Employment of Women, Weekly Holiday, Payment of Wages, Deduction from Wages, Leave, Employment Letter, Opening and Closing Hours of Shops & Establishments etc.
  • Assistance to establishments in complying various provisions of the Act related to Display, Notices, Disclosures
  • Preparation and Maintenance of various Records as prescribed under the Act
  • Preparation and Maintenance of various Registers like Register of Fines, Register of Deductions, Register of Employment, Register of Wages, records as prescribed under the Act
  • Replying / Satisfying Show Cause Notices issued by Inspector
  • Representing Shops / Establishments before Inspector
  • Assistance to establishments at the time of inspection and search of any Shop / Establishment by the Inspector
  • Representing establishments at the enquiries conducted by Inspector

Other Services

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